Donald "Dump" Trump (3 Roll-Pack) | Pet Waste Bags

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Sick of the highest office of public service not serving you?  Now you can make him! Force Donald "Dump" Trump to handle any turd your pup can muster, small, medium, or YUUGE!

When you order, you will receive three 15-bag rolls of 9" x 13" premium biodegradable dog poop bags (45 bags total). Each bag is 15 micron in thickness preventing leaks and tears with the strength of a 12 billion dollar border-spanning wall. President "Dump" Trump's face will be printed on each bag, ready to clean your dog's poop on command. How's that for Commander in Chief?



In President Dump's own words:

"Nobody can handle poop like I do, believe me. My service - it'll be amazing. My face will take care of any problem, even if the problem's the size of ISIS. How? We're gonna bomb the hell out of 'em... with plastic bags. And remember, if your dog isn't a big loser, his poop is going to be tremendous. Nobody does tremendous like me. No one."

Let us know who you would like to see next!

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